We are a small bicycle studio in Washington, DC.  We specialize in expert and personalized service, bespoke bicycle builds, and experienced consultation on all bicycle-related matters.

How We Operate

We are exploring how to evolve the modern bicycle shop.  Our focus is on both the rider and the bicycle, not on selling through inventory or meeting quotas.  You will work with our small team throughout the process on a one-on-one basis, without the distractions or pressures of a traditional retail setting.



District Cycle Works operates on an appointment basis.  This ensures that the rider gets the undivided attention of our staff, and time is set aside to address all needs.  Interested in working with us? Click below to learn about our service process and to schedule an appointment.


Custom Builds

At District Cycle Works, we don't operate like the bike shops you may be familiar with.  Every bike that rolls out of our doors is custom selected and built for the rider - whether that means specially-selected components for a particular ride, or a fully custom frame for the perfect fit.